KH Barber gives Eddie the chop for children’s cancer charity

A caring seven-year-old from Long Eaton has had his long hair chopped an incredible 17 inches shorter to support a charity which makes wigs for children with cancer.

Eddie French, who lives in Long Eaton, visited KH Hair Barber on Market Place in the town where he underwent the mega chop so he could donate his hair to Little Princess Trust, which provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young people who have lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other conditions.

Eddie, who attends Grange Primary School, says he wanted to donate his hair after seeing videos about the charity on YouTube and that he just wanted to make poorly children happy. “I hadn’t had my hair cut since 2019 and I’m really lucky it’s grown so much that I can donate it to the Little Princess Trust,” he says. “I hope it brings another child some confidence and happiness.”

Mum, Hayley, said Eddie was ‘super-excited’ when he met salon director, Ben Sutcliffe, who carried out the cut. “Eddie has really gotten into football since lockdown,” she explained. “He wanted hair just like his hero, Jack Grealish and he and Ben had a good talk about football and how his hair style would be. Eddie loved every minute and I have no doubt Ben now has a new friend in Eddie!”

Hayley says Eddie feels really good about donating his hair, knowing it could really help someone else. He’s also loving his new look and the attention that has come with it. “His school friends have been calling him Grealish,” she says, “which he absolutely loves. I now have to wax his hair every morning and put his headband in. Then he has to go and check in the mirror to make sure I’ve done a good job!”

Barber, Ben, says he thought it was amazing that Eddie was willing to grow his hair so long and then have it all cut off for the charity. “He was a brilliant client and sat very still,” he says. “We had a really great chat about football and his hero, Jack. Little Princess Trust is a wonderful charity that KH has supported for a number of years and we were very happy Eddie chose us to carry out the cut.”

It costs £500 to make a wig and Eddie and Hayley have set up a fundraising page where they have, so far, raised £210 towards one. Anyone wishing to support Eddie and Little Princess Trust can donate via this link: